Male’s Style Tips and How to Shop for Male’s Clothing


When it comes to male’s dressing even a shy looking guy can be confident just by wearing good clothes. However choosing Male’s clothes is not as simple as it looks because clothing among men varies greatly with varying person’s personality. It is not the case 100% in fashion clothes suits every male. Below are some clothing tips for male clothing depending upon the different body type?

Tips for male clothing:

Short waist male: men with a short waist are not so good to wear jeans and trousers. Jeans of low waist does not look a lot good on short waist men. T shirts however are good for short waist man as they look perfect on most of the short waist men. Short waist men must always keep an inch higher on waist measures depending upon your choice of clothes. Pullovers are one of the most appropriate choices for men with short waist.

Men with long waist: men with long waist prefer wearing a lot more different type of stylish clothes than the short waist men do as per their body type. Men with long waist carry a perfect body to wear low waist trousers and jeans along with different cool looking T shirts over it.

For men with large belly: dark in colour T shirts is recommended and light fabric jeans. It’s mainly because they prevent exposure of body shape which can be a problem with light shade cloths. Full sleeve T shirts look a lot good on body of large belly men.

Style tips on accessories for Male’s:

In order to look the man of 21st century good clothing is not enough. Man body accessory industry is one of the biggest fashion industries. Men today wear many accessories in order to make them look appealing and good personality wise. Below are several style accessory options which you can choose to wear.


Bracelets are one of the best accessories that look good in the hands of almost all men. As the prices of gold are rising continuously if your budget is low then you can settle for silver bracelets. Silver bracelets are cool looking and come in many different designs. You can find and buy silver bracelets at any of the jewellery shops. Bracelets are one of the finest accessories a male can wear.


Hoods are the winter cloth accessories. Hoods look good and stylish and they are very useful as they protect and cover the upper portion of the body along with head and neck. They come in many different types and designs. Depending upon your body type and personality you can select any type which suits you best.

Summer scarves:

It might sound a little weird, but summer scarves are latest in fashion accessories for men. They are classified as summer clothing accessories. As the temperature is rising on a constant basis yearly in summer, it’s important to cover face and neck region. Summer scarves are light in weight and are lot helpful protecting head and neck from extreme heat. They come in many different varieties.

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