Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fireworks Illegally

Fireworks are great, but they are incredibly expensive.   And, as with everything expensive, the market is flooded with opportunities to buy fireworks from non-reputable merchants, or illegal sellers.  However, should you buy your fireworks from them, or should you opt to pay that little bit extra?

Why Fireworks Are Expensive


There is a good reason why fireworks are expensive.  They are very complicated devices with a whole lot of gunpowder and other chemical ingredients that cause all the sparkles and shine.  Not just that, when you buy fireworks from a reputable merchant, you also know for a fact that they meet all the necessary safety requirements.  And these safety requirements are exactly why you shouldn’t go and buy your fireworks from a backdoor in a dark alley.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Illegal Fireworks

There are many reasons as to why you shouldn’t buy illegal fireworks.  The main reason is the safety aspect.  Whenever you buy fireworks, you are actually putting your life at risk because you are playing with gun powder.  However, add to this that anything illegal is made in the poorest conditions.  Generally, child labour will have been used in the production of anything illegal, making them comparable to blood diamonds.  Stay away from illegal products.

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