7 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. Until the year 19792, the country was known as Ceylon. The island neighbors India to the northwest are also sharing maritime Borders with Maldives to the southwest. Indeed, Sri Lanka has grown to become a County of great strategic importance because of its superb geographical Location. It is home to numerous ethnicities, religions and languages. Even Though the history of this country was marred by civil unrest and terrorist Attacks, it still boasts of some of the best touristic attractions and great Places to visit.

Various Places in the down south
The down south is the region that clearly Defines the beauty of this great island. Remarkable spots such as Bereluwa, Tangle, Bentota and Unawatuna from the best tourist attractions. For surfing Enthusiasts, the Mirissa, Hikkaduwa and Weligama are fantastic locations. The Dondra point provides an ultimately effective way of watching blue whales and Sperm whales. These beaches are cool and can provide the quieter atmosphere That you have been looking for.

Nuwara Eliya

This is a favorite destination and a tea Capital of Sri Lanka. As the highest plateau in the country, there are numerous National parks such as Horton’s plans that depict the mystic beauty of this Island.

A discussion of places to visit in Sri Lanka Cannot be complete without mentioning this park. As a home to numerous species Of fauna and flora, this park has continuously maintained its place at the top And it is currently the most visited. With a high leopard density and the Famous elephants of Yala, there is no doubt that the park is a must visit when In Sri Lanka. There are also six other national parks and amazing wildlife Sanctuaries that are located in the vicinity of this great region of Yala. It Presents a good opportunity for visitors to explore diverse ecosystems of Sri Lanka.

Pinnewala Elephant orphanage
This is home to thousands of rescued elephants Of Sri Lanka. The orphanage provides an opportunity to watch the elephants’ Natural behaviors.

Hill country
The central hills of Sri Lanka feature the Best mountainous landscape with a mild climate. These are areas for exclusive Golfing and the best breathtaking sights. The Kandy city has cool climates and Fresh air for a super laid back holiday. It is the best natural healing Atmosphere for visitors who want a break from the busy city scenario.

This is a famous tourist attraction that Stands 200 meters on the forested plain. It can provide a good atmosphere for Picturesque views. Sigiriya boasts of skillfully constructed moats, the best Water gardens, heritage sites and ramparts. Visitors can also discover the History of the stone lion paws of Australia. There are also treasured and Valuable artworks to be viewed.

Anuradhapura And Polonnaruwa
Anuradhapura is an ancient city that is Considered as the premier capital of this country. It is an opportunity for Visitors to experience the steps which are the oldest structures in Sri Lanka. Polonnaruwa is one of easiest cultural triangles to access. It has different Royal palaces, temples and stupas.

It is no secret that Sri Lanka is a great island that has a lot to offer. Visiting this country guarantees the best times to watch and discover the History of Sri Lanka. A valid American ESTA can make traveling to be easier.

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