Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids: Kid-spot Europe

Most interesting outdoor activity for kids is a bike photo safari. This is where the parents and children jump onto their bicycles accompanied with a camera of course and plan an interesting route which they hardly use to commute to anywhere and go discover its beautiful secrets by collecting pictures and videos of interesting happenings or eye catching scenarios.

I do recall when I was in per-school we had a couple of outdoor games like one called potato spoon race where we used a spoon with a potato on top of the spoon and race with each other making sure that the potato doesn’t fall off while running towards the finish line. We still this other one where you fit in a sack, waist high, hold it with both your hands on the side and hop to the finish line making sure you don’t fall or your opponent gets to the finish line before you do. The other one which still remains interesting is the three legged race where you tie your foot to your partners foot so that both your feet be as one and the other two remain free that’s why the name three legged race name comes from. In this game children like to pair with adults so if you do that just keep in mind children take smaller steps so be on the lookout for a tripping hazard.In the past we had the courage to slide down sandy hills with a flat plastic cart like structure and seriously I don’t recall anyone getting hurt but nowadays nobody wants to take the risk., actually that has changed because the thrill of driving a vehicle when you under age has been quenched by bumping vehicles or buggies which use electricity to move around; just for a dollar you can get at least a fifteen minute ride with your son or wild daughter bumping each other around or chasing each other.

Fishing is another outdoor activity which is less active and more verbal. This is like a test of patience; that is how long you are willing to wait. It also tests you children intelligence by watching them what kind of bait are they planning to use.

Hide and seek. This game I bet it’s internationally known by all children. The game has simple rules as, I close my eyes, you hide, I count and then I come and seek. If I find you, you’re out and if you tap where I was counting from, are out so it’s best for the one hiding to hide near where the one seeking is counting from.

Flying disks has been there for years and still remains interesting. The game requires a spacious field where you can throw the disk when it’s flat and the plastic disk goes flying and your opponent tries to catch it, it gets even interesting when you have a dog that can catch it in the air or fetch it and bring it to you.

Fun outdoor activities are an endless list as the generations come in with new fun ideas.

Kids below 18 years from foreign countries need child passport and above 18 years need adult passport to visit Europe.

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