Cost Reduction For Excess Baggage While Shipping

Excess baggage is a big problem while travelling, since it involves the extra cost that one does not want to spend money upon. Sometimes one feels like leaving some of the important personal items not to be packed in the baggage. Shipping costs are high and vary from one airline to the other but it surely depends upon the weight of the baggage that one needs to carry along. There are a number of ways one can reduce the cost involved in shipping the excess baggage.


If one is travelling from a particular airline, one can take advantage of the excess baggage policy of that airline if they have any. The airline may be having a membership policy, joining which one could have a discount option or some relief from the shipping costs. Hence, check the details of the airline and inquire about such offers and membership policies.

Check the baggage shipping policies of the airline to know up to how much weight it offers free shipping. The free shipping policy differs from airline to airline and hence determining it prior to the departure day would help a lot. Accordingly, one can weigh the baggage and reduce any unnecessary items that may have resulted in an extra weight while shipping. One can adjust the packing to reduce excess baggage and hence shipping cost would also get reduced. It may so happen that the weight comes out to be under the free shipping allowance policy after removing the unnecessary items from the baggage.

 The airline may be having a policy on number of baggage other than the weighing system. In that case, one can reduce the luggage such that it gets adjusted in one piece of baggage rather than two pieces of baggage. Reducing the packaging would also reduce the cost involved in shipping. Another method is to share the baggage if travelling in a group. Sharing the shipping charges would help in reducing the charges an individual has to pay otherwise.

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