Galaxy Of The Future: Samsung Galaxy S7

Today there is a lot of competition among the big companies in making new phones and gadgets. But not forgetting the fact that these smart phones and gadgets have actually helped us a lot in our daily lives at every step. So it is required to find for the best among the lot. For this Samsung has always tried hard to be the best. It has been acclaimed to produce and sell the maximum numbers of smart phones all over the world and this fact has helped the company go on and make better phones every day. So to meet this purpose, it is back with yet another flagship model the all new Samsung Galaxy S7.

When it comes to the important features of the phone, Samsung would never want to compromise and so it produces the finest models. With many new features coming in, Samsung Galaxy S7will be able to please the costumers always. It believed to come up with the new technology that would protect it from water and dust, thus making it a waterproof and rough and tough model.

Moreover the Samsung Galaxy S7 is supposed to be built with a very new 5G network connection that would enable it to have access to internet in super fast speeds and thus make the work possible in less time more conveniently. Samsung is also believed to be working on the super fast Wi-Fi system in the flagship model.

One of the most innovative features in the Samsung Galaxy S7will be the Infrared sensors that will be used to measure the body temperature and see through the tough walls.

The dreams come true feature of the Samsung Galaxy S7is the availability of the 30 megapixels camera at the rear side. This is a very rare feature in the world of smart phones and would make it a phone with a difference. The front camera would be of 10 megapixels and thus clicking good selfies will be a matter of ease with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The all new Samsung Galaxy S7 will have a 64 bit exynos processor which would benefit it with having a lot of speed in functioning. With this, Samsung has brainstormed a lot and has come up with a 4.5 Ghz snapdragon processor in the Samsung Galaxy S7which makes it a phone with a super fast activity. Moreover it is believed that it will be backed up with 8 GB RAM space which is even more than a normal personal computer.This basically directs to the fact that all the work that needs to be done on the computer can easily be done in this comparatively smaller device anywhere at any time.

The all new flagship model Samsung Galaxy S7 is believed to be made with a toughened glass for the safety of its display. This glass is unlike the normal gorilla class and is called the Turtle Glass. it is made slimmer and tougher to protect the screen even better. All these points put together, prove that the Samsung Galaxy S7, the latest flagship of the company will soon become the best big thing.

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