HTC One M10: Is It Worthy Of Its Price Tag

If the rumors are to be believed, HTC might be up to one of the best Smartphone in the entire history of Smartphones with its new HTC One M10 which is scheduled to be launched sometime in the early October 2015. The good news for all the HTC fan club and android HTC would be upping the ante by bringing in together some of the latest design elements and technological innovation in the HTC One M10 or at least it is believed to be.

Unfortunately there is still very little known about the exact spec sheets of the new HTC One M10, thereby leaving the flagship product of such high repute more like a Loch Ness Monster of the Android world. One talk we have heard however is that the One M10 will bolster wireless charging technology. If that is the kind of elements the tech giant is bringing into its fold, then it would be definitely be a good chance that the products gives the flagship products of other makers, a good run for their money. And most importantly such technical enhancements are much needed and even now there are very few products that have implemented in themselves.

Of all the features and fame that has surrounded the HTC One M10, what is to be believed is the fact that HTC is definitely going to improve on the looks and feel of the Smartphone, which to be honest, is the forte of the brand right from the beginning. Does that mean the HTC One M10 will have an entire new look? Well, it is too soon to be anywhere near sure but yes, if the HTC brand is making it conceivable feature in the HTC One M10, the device is going to be totally worth the price tag that it is expected to come with.  One more point where the product needs to excel at in order to become the envy of all the other makers is the battery life. In the past, even when HTC came up with a battery set that had higher mAh value, did not quite live up to what was expected of them. Be it the issue with the chipset that is being used in the product or the memory management techniques that is being used in it, HTC must make it a point to fix these issues before launching the new HTC One M10. This new flagship product, HTC One M10 is assumed to come with a 3500 mAh battery set and is hopefully removable in nature.

Last but not the least, HTC should really consider implementing the water proofing technology in the HTC One M10 as it would not only make it more attractive to the potential buyers but also given the usual lady-like, delicate features of most of its predecessor can be a way to reinforce the image of a Smartphone that can take it all.

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