Gynaecology: A Boon For Females

Mumbai is a bustling city with never ending commitments. I am Rhea have joined here as undergraduate student of engineering and hence I am a part of this city now. Since my parents considered hostel to be safer, so I choose room in hostel of the campus which was to be shared with a girl. My roommate was Nyra. I got well-adjusted with her and she soon became my good friend and a helpful roommate I could have ever got.

vAfter the end of first year, for a few days I saw Nyra very upset. Her grades were good enough, yet she looked disappointed. I asked her a few times about this but she was hesitant to talk. Finally, one fine day I enquired her and talked to her to speak freely without any resistance about her problem. She told me that she is having a problem with her menses. Before two months, her menses were irregular but now they have suddenly stopped coming. Since her parents were already worried for her being here, she didn’t want to approach them directly and she had nobody to talk to her about it so she remained a little tense.

I decided to help and visit a gynaecologist for proper diagnosis. As we lived in Navi Mumbai, so broadly I made a list of best gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai. I called them one by one for appointments. Some gave appointments while some were just walk-ins.  One of my observations which was a bit interesting was that, this is a profession where the female doctors were much in demand and there are reasons for the same. Women tend to feel comfortable in the company of their pals who have the common mindset.

Meanwhile, I asked Nyra to research about the causes of irregular menses. One of the causes was Polycystic ovarian disease which seemed to match her symptoms like growth of more hair, sudden weight gain, etc. due to our sedentary lifestyle and improper eating habits but we needed a definite confirmation for this which can only be made by the gynaecologist.

So, we went to some private clinics after our classes on a Saturday evening. Some clinics were closed early while some had heavy rush of patients. Finally, we arrived at a clinic in Nerul in navi Mumbai. It was not a large scale one but was well maintained. The receptionist greeted us warmly and asked us to wait for a while as doctor was checking on her last patient for the day. The clinic had lots of informative charts and posters in the lobby area.

The gynaecologist called us inside and greeted us well. She made my friend comfortable and enquired about her problem. The doctor suggested it might be PCOD but wanted to do some tests like Ultrasound to confirm it. She called us after two days. After two days, the doctor confirmed her about it. She explained about this lifestyle disorder and the hormonal imbalances and consequences. She gave her some medications like contraceptives and vitamins to bring back hormonal levels which will start her menses again. She was told to exercise daily.

This gynaecologist in Nerulnavi Mumbai made my friend relaxed about her problem and next moment she called her mother as we left the clinic.

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