Organize Kids Entertainers/ Disco Birthday Party, Follow The Advice To Stay Stress-Free

Organizing children’s party can be now more stress-free, if parents are ready to consider other options away from their home. Having a disco birthday party at your own home is certainly not a bad idea, provided there is enough space to move around and also for the DJ set up to be arranged.  The fad now is for inviting kid’s entertainers as well and it is found these entertainers are perfect even for corporate events, wedding anniversaries and so on. They are professional entertainers with special skills and talents that they can steal you in your presence by getting your involved in their tricks and thus take the party to a different level.  Here is a list of advice to make your party stress-free.

Book venue and fix a date

Fixing a date to celebrate a birthday party is very important and if you plan to go elaborate with disco, you must book venue near the place you live. Ensure there is enough parking and has facilities such as clean toilets and good kitchen. Check the dates available and they should be in your budget. Be prepared to be flexible

Book a DJ

Having a disco birthday party means search for DJ in advance. There are millions coming up and so first check with your friends to recommend a good DJ. In this way keep the bad ones away and if you find one and he is in your card, stick around and watch his DJ in some other party. Also check with the venue if they have a DJ. Remember do not use pub, nightclub or wedding DJs, even if they claim to do be a DJ for kids parties.

There is a need for a DJ for kids and it means they should have experience in handling children; they must play the correct music, entertain them, play and also explain games. Best to hire specialists and to minimize nightmare by:

  • Asking if they have public liability insurance and if so to email a copy to you.
  • Check if they have a PAT test certificate and get it emailed.
  • Ask them to describe that they will be doing in your kids birthday party such as games, music and other extras.
  • What is their charge and bear in mind, do not book the cheapest, it may be futile
  • On booking, ask if you will receive a booking confirmation or a payment receipt

The booking confirmation should have mentioned the party time, date, that they may supply and cost in total.

Kids numbers

Consider the number of kids you wish to invite. The numbers should be such that they can be handled by kids entertainers as well. While holding a disco party, you can actually invite as you wish and the DJ will readily entertain. The fact is that this is a party you are organizing and so you cannot afford to have more people than required.

On the day

If you have completed these entire mentioned above, stop worrying, your party will surely be a success. Just delegate responsibilities to your friends, family members and you keep an alert eye.

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