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06 Feb 15 Industrial Training Institutes In Chandigarh

Industrial Training Chandigarh provides trainings in the technical fields under the union government of India, labor and employment, DGET. It is private organizations are run equivalent. Not all the candidates can participate in the programs provided by the ITI in Chandigarh. There are eligibility criteria to get admission into the training programs. Candidate after passing’s his tenth standard can get admission to OTI. There is one main objective of the ITI and that is providing manpower to the industries.  There are several courses that are provided such as government industrial training institute Chandigarh provides courses for

  • Turner
  • Welder
  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Stenography(English And Hindi)
  • Fitter
  • Machinist
  • Electrician
  • Cutting And Sewing
  • Information Technology


09 Oct 14 Free Google Plus One Count Checker Tool Check Google +1 Votes Online

P1-Checker is 100 % free tool that can be used by SEO’s, web analyzers or by web researchers to examine the selection of  Google+1 of any web page or blog site have. It is not only able of  displaying the selection of +1 of individual URL but it can show the Google+1 details of up to 50 URL’s at once.


18 Sep 14 Cost Reduction For Excess Baggage While Shipping

Excess baggage is a big problem while travelling, since it involves the extra cost that one does not want to spend money upon. Sometimes one feels like leaving some of the important personal items not to be packed in the baggage. Shipping costs are high and vary from one airline to the other but it surely depends upon the weight of the baggage that one needs to carry along. There are a number of ways one can reduce the cost involved in shipping the excess baggage.



10 Dec 13 Things To Consider When Hiring A Car

There are a lot of possible questions to ask yourself before renting a car eg. Do I need to pay extra fees? Does the vehicle am hiring have an insurance? What is the business standard rate and does it apply the same for me? Laid down below are some important tips that can help you get started when it comes to cheap rental cars. (more…)

26 Jul 13 How we get perfect in Chinese Kung fu?

There is no denying to the fact that people are now interested in exploring this dimension to the fullest. They want to expand their horizon in spiritual as well as on physical dimensions that is the prime reason they are on the look out of the different options that are available to them in the form of realizing their full potential. In this regard an interesting phenomenon has come into limelight. It is the sensational popularity of the china kung fu. (more…)


23 May 13 7 Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country located in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. Until the year 19792, the country was known as Ceylon. The island neighbors India to the northwest are also sharing maritime Borders with Maldives to the southwest. (more…)

10 May 13 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids: Kid-spot Europe

Most interesting outdoor activity for kids is a bike photo safari. This is where the parents and children jump onto their bicycles accompanied with a camera of course and plan an interesting route which they hardly use to commute to anywhere and go discover its beautiful secrets by collecting pictures and videos of interesting happenings or eye catching scenarios.

I do recall when I was in per-school we had a couple of outdoor games like one called potato spoon race where we used a spoon with a potato on top of the spoon and race with each other making sure that the potato doesn’t fall off while running towards the finish line. We still this other one where you fit in a sack, waist high, hold it with both your hands on the side and hop to the finish line making sure you don’t fall or your opponent gets to the finish line before you do. The other one which still remains interesting is the three legged race where you tie your foot to your partners foot so that both your feet be as one and the other two remain free that’s why the name three legged race name comes from. In this game children like to pair with adults so if you do that just keep in mind children take smaller steps so be on the lookout for a tripping hazard. (more…)

25 Apr 13 The Effects of Organizational Structure on Behavior

Every organization follows certain guidelines and policies, which help in forming a structure. The specific set of values determines the activities in order to attain objective. Organizational structures project the process of undertaking efficient operations with the intention of achieving business goals. It also determines the functioning of the company and the responsibilities of the workers. However, if you are curious to know the effect of organizational structure on behavior, then you need to look into various areas of the enterprise. It plays a crucial role in forming employee morale, improving internal communications for effective outcome. Therefore, organizational structure is undoubtedly a controlling factor. (more…)

23 Mar 13 How Moving Services Can Fit Your Ample Of Needs

Relocating your commercial or residential premises? Remember, you are about to face the tough times in your life, if you are planning not to hire a professional moving service provider. It could be one of the hectic experiences we could go through in our lives, but the experts in the moving industry have the unique skill to locate and relocate whatever you want. (more…)

28 Jan 13 Wildfox Clothing’s Spring Collection Inspired by ‘Clueless’

It was the movie that defined the fashion, style and attitude of the 1990s. Based on Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’, ‘Clueless’ is one of the most iconic and memorable teen movies of all time. Despite being nearly 20 years old, the movie is continuing to inspire. Wildfox Clothing’s spring collection pays tribute to the film, replicating classic scenes in their lookbook and showcasing clothes emblazed with some of Clueless’ most memorable lines. (more…)