What Can Happen If Damp Is Not Controlled?

We come across many buildings with broken plasters, cracks and other flaws that damage them in a big way. This could be due to damp that keeps on increasing and putting the building owners and the residents to great inconvenience apart from financial burdens upon their pockets.

Rising damp should be controlled with suitable damp proofing treatments otherwise it may result in the following bad effects:

1) Health issues – The people that live or work in damped buildings are prone to many health problems. They usually suffer from respiratory problems like bronchitis and asthma etc that damage their health in a big way. Breathlessness is another serious ailment that happens because of damp that results in other physical problems too. Chronic cough and weakened immune system are other health issues that usually occur because of rising damp that should be managed in perfect manners. Recurrent fever and allergies are the other consequences of rising damp that may lead to rashes, headaches and memory loss. Many people suffer from brain disorders too.

Our lungs may be affected in adverse manners with mold spores that fly through the air. Nose and mouth are other parts of the body that also start functioning in uneven manners due to rising damp. Those dwelling in damped buildings are prone to cough, scratchy throat, itchiness and runny nose etc. Irritated eyes, post-nasal drip and sneezing etc are other problems related with rising damp. It leads to mold that may cause hypersensitivity etc. Aches and fever are also caused due to damp that may lead to lung inflammation too.

2) Pollution – Clean environment is a must for all of us. Those intending to enjoy intake of fresh air must ensure that their surroundings are free from pollution. Rising damp is the major culprit behind air pollution. Environment is also polluted in a big way with this menace. Damp proofing treatments are a must to keep the environment free from any pollution. Polluted conditions are a great danger to our environment that must be protected from rising damp.

3) Harmful for the buildings – Rising damp results in great damage to the building structures. Plasters fall victim to breakages and likewise cracks are seen in the building walls and floors. It is just because of the rising damp that penetrates into the building structures and damages them in a big way. The building owners are burdened in terms of great financial loss. The affected buildings need to get repaired that is too costly. Many a times the entire structures need to be demolished and erected again. This is the biggest ill effect of rising damp.

4) Damage to costly belongings – Our valuable items also get   affected in adverse manners because of rising damp that damages them to much extent. Wooden furniture gets destroyed in a big way. Likewise the steel items fall victim to rust that damages them to much extent. Apt damp proofing treatments need to be initiated to manage damp.

The above harmful aspects can be avoided by preventing damp in the bud itself by taking the necessary steps.

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