During Pregnancy, Will Your Belly Button Pop Out?

All the would-be mothers are in a state of confusion! The main reason in this regard is whether their belly button will stick or pop out during the stages of pregnancy. In simple terms, the question is would a mother to be really worried if her belly button pops up. Let us now find answers to that

Now when will my belly button pop out, and you need to understand the reasons behind it. The uterus is known to push the abdomen forward and the pressure on the abdomen pushes the belly button forward, and in some cases, it may turn out to be a protrude. The uterus, which is at an ever-expanding stage, tends to push forward around 26 weeks of pregnancy. In the cases of women who are skinny with an outie, this is bound to happen in the second stage of pregnancy. This is that time when a pregnant woman goes on to discover their protruding navel or a popping out from their belly button.

The belly button cannot be avoided and is not harmless at the same time. This is whether you had an outie or an inverted belly button to begin with. It is bound to get back to the regular position after delivery. You need to be proud of the fact that it is one more moment that you need to be proud about. If the belly button does not pop out, then there is no need to worry. Many women have not had their belly buttons popped up, and this is a perfect normal situation. A lot of times the question that is asked isif there a correlation in terms of the button sticking out during pregnancy and a baby’s gender. The answer happens to be a perfect ‘no’ in this regard.

In the case of some women, there is a defect or a hole in the abdominal wall before pregnancy. If there is excess weight gain during the course of pregnancy, it can go on to put too much amount of stress on the defective area or the abdominal wall which may cause the hernia to be all the more noticeable. Once the hole goes on to become larger in size, then the tissue can pass through it, the hernia is going to become all the more powerful and a bulge may go on to appear in the umbilical area. It is suggested that in such situations you go on to wait till your pregnancy is over before going on to repair the umbilical hernia. But on the other side of the coin, if this hernia goes on to become incarcerated, which literally means that the tissue is being trapped in the defective area, and it cannot be pushed back in. Then the only option left in this regard is surgically treatment and it does have its own set of complications. It should be tried when all other treatment mechanisms have failed to yield the desired results.

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